These are workshops taught in-person by Michael Vertolli. For information about these workshops, please contact him directly at
  • Medicine from Willow: Transforming confusion into clarity; knowing your path and purpose.

    Each of us has an inherent purpose and path that we are meant to live. To not do so is the cause of much of our confusion and suffering. The yearning to live our vision and truth may be postponed, avoided or stifled, but it does not and will not go away. It must be acknowledged and expressed for us to live a joyful, fulfilling life.

    Willow medicine transforms confusion into clarity so that we may come to know who we are and the path we need to walk. In this experiential workshop participants will have the opportunity to enter into the dream of Willow and receive it's medicine.

    This workshop is for anyone who feels the yearning in their heart to know themselves more fully regardless of philosophy or faith, or whether they are a ‘plant person’ or not.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Required textbooks: None.

    Scheduling: Saturday December 9th, 10 am to 5 pm. This workshop will be open for registration soon. Check back periodically for updates.

    Location: Living Earth School in Maple, Ontario.

    Tuition: $95.

    Instructor: Monika Ghent.
  • This workshop covers all aspects of the process of making herbal tinctures from both fresh and dried herbs, including:
    • Understanding different extraction media (menstruum).
    • Preparing different potencies.
    • Jars and equipment.
    • Using different kinds of presses.
    • Differences between using fresh and dried herbs.
    • Administration and dosages.
    • Differences between tinctures and other herbal preparations.
    This workshop will include both lectures and demonstrations of how to prepare, macerate and press fresh and dried herb tinctures using different kinds of equipment. Students will receive samples of fresh and dried herb tinctures of the same herb that are prepared during the workshop to use and compare.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Required textbooks:

    Saturday November 25th, 10 am to 5 pm.

    Living Earth School in Maple, Ontario

    Michael Vertolli.