ADVANCED Spirit of Herbs-: August 17-22 2024

For any inquiries about this workshop, please email Michael Vertolli directly here:

This is not an online course but you may register for the workshops here through PayPal. SPACE IS LIMITED

Advanced Spirit of Herbs is a six day intensive workshop that is open to anyone who has attended and preferably continued to practice the techniques introduced in The Spirit of Herbs to some degree. You can not take Advanced Spirit of Herbs without having taken The Spirit of Herbs. It includes more advanced methods that will help you to deepen your intuitive experience of herbs and Nature.
This is a general interest, or an optional or post-graduate workshop. It is not part of the Holistic Herbal Studies or Traditional Herbalist programs. However, for Traditional Herbalist students who attend this workshop it will satisfy 50 hours of their clinical apprenticeship requirements. Students who attend both this workshop and Applied Spirit of Herbs will have satisfied all of their clinical apprenticeship requirements for the program.

Prerequisite: The Spirit of Herbs.

Required textbooks: None.

Scheduling: August 17- 22, 2024. Space is limited. It is best to enroll early.

Location: The Seed Lodge (formerly Maple Sweet), Rocklyn, Ontario.

Food and Accommodations: The fee for the workshop includes the cost of meals. The meals are mostly vegetarian and organic as much as possible. Indoor accommodations consist of shared rooms that sleep two persons. Occasionally single rooms are available. Tenting is also an option.

Instructor: Michael Vertolli.

Cost: $1100.00